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Who says you can't have the life you really want?

Do you want financial freedom?  You can have it.
Are you ready for forever love?  It is waiting for you.
Hungry for a life full of meaning and purpose? Get ready to be filled!

At the WeathyMind™ Weekend, you can have all this and more.

Our lives are a result of the thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves and what is possible for us.  We have to have limiting beliefs; it is the nature of our physical realities.  We accept what our parents, teachers and cultures taught us so that we could survive.  Most likely you are reading this now because you have outgrown those beliefs.  They are no longer satisfying to you.  The good news is, there is a fun and easy way for you to update your beliefs so that you can have a life greater than you ever imagined. 
That is the purpose of The WealthyMind™ Weekend.

Taught in over 22 countries around the world and the result of over 30 years of research and development, the experiences you will have during this retreat are designed to uncover the secret beliefs that have been holding you back, and then to transform those fears into the strengths and passions that will propel you forward into the life you have been waiting for.

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It is my honor to guide you on this adventure through your subconscious mind.  With over 20 years experience guiding people like you to change their lives from the inside out, I know that I can help you to step easily into a life that you love. Let's get started at the WealthyMind™ Weekend!

Jenny Knowles

Founder of The WealthyMind™ Weekend

What People are Saying:

"After a single session with Jenny, I increased my income $13,000!"

"Jenny has helped me wade through 34 years of junk & get rid of everything that didn't fit. Now I have the time, energy, & wisdom to only focus on the people, relationships, jobs, hobbies, health & lifestyle that are fulfilling & make me happy.

Jenny has helped me to ACCELERATE my career - 3 promotions in 1 year! I also worked with her to craft a job description & identify my strengths so that I'm in a job that I love & I turn down job opportunities that have aspects that won't be enjoyable to me. My professional life is soaring."

--Courtney Collins, Oakland, CA


"Not only am I happier, making more money,
I am engaged to the love of my life!"

"Jenny helped me get beyond the issues that were leading me to overworking and under-charging for my services and helped me get over the fear of making the "big leap". She has been a tremendous support on multiple levels and has allowed me to step into business opportunities I couldn't see before.

Something that has been equally important as transitioning my career and building my own business, was finding the love of my life! Once I got beyond many of the issues I worked through with Jenny, I was able to open myself to having deeper relationships, and now I'm engaged to be married!"

--Karenina Jahnigen, Oakland, CA


"I DOUBLED my income and paid off $400,000
of debt!"

“When I first came to Jenny, I was stuck in my business, not applying the programs I had bought, and frustrated with not being able to work through it myself. Since our work together, I have more than DOUBLED my personal income and have paid off over $400,000 of debt. Your work is AMAZING! Thanks for all your help shifting my frustration and fear into strategic action. The sky is the limit!”

--Edward Zeidan, Concord, CA


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